Research and development

For a pharmaceutical company, that manufactures drugs, medical devices and cosmetics, the development of new products and technologies is a fundamental mission. The ability to offer innovative products is one of the important conditions for a successful growth in a continuously changing market where customer’s preferences, technologies, environmental conditions and competition are very strong.

For this reason the R&D team is always looking for new functional, plant and biotechnological ingredients able to make our formulations unique, paying attention to the possibility of patenting of new products.

Every product goes through a life cycle: it is born, follows different research steps according to the required pharmaceutical form. The New.Fa.Dem research and development department also takes care of regulatory procedures for a finished product; pharmaceutical registration, preparation of cosmetic PIF and compilation of technical dossier regarding medical devices, according to the EEC/93/42 directive and subsequent updates.

New.Fa.dem. offers the possibility of creating formulations required by its customers. It has a team dedicated to the research and development of pharmaceutical forms such as creams, ointments, gels, solutions, powders and suppositories.

The research and development laboratory is always ready to face new challenges, thanks to a careful study of formulations followed by rigorous chemical-physical and microbiological stability tests. The goal of subcontracting services is to transform the customer’s idea into a finished product that could be successfully introduced in the market.

Development steps:

  • Research and creation of new formulations (creams, ointments, gels, solutions, powders and suppositories)
  • Laboratory batches
  • Pilot batches(validation)
  • Industrial batches
  • Technical dossier for registration