Inside the Italian pharmaceutical review, New.Fa.Dem. is an innovative company, veryattentive to the market development, with the strong and deep roots.Its origin takes place during the last century in Naples, when in 1939 “Laboratorio Farmaceutico De Meo” started to manufacture the castor oil.Today New.Fa.Dem., enforced by its history and experience, works hard to develop new productsaimed to improve the health and the wellness of the people.

The factory has the territory of 3000 m2 and its professional and qualified scientific andresearch staff works in laboratories supplied with advanced equipment, which allows tomaintain high quality standards.
The most important aim of New.Fa.Dem. is to reach the excellent quality of its products, that’s whythe Company created a C.Q. Laboratory equipped with the sophisticated instrumentation in orderto supply to the end user safe, efficient and high-quality pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.


During the last years New.Fa.Dem., enforced by 80 years of its experience, started its international growth, concluding the commercial agreements outside of Italy.

Today New.Fa.Dem. is successfully present in Europe, Middle Eastand North Africa and is going to enlarge its position abroad thanks to new and fruitfulpartnerships worldwide.